Setting Notifications on Documents

Notification alerts can be set on documents that will remind a user that a date is coming up. These notifications can be set on any date type tag and sent to any email address, regardless if the person being notified is a user in ContractWorks




Step 1: Enter in a date on the date tag. 


Step 2: You will see two check boxes under each date tag, ‘enable notifications’ and ‘enable recurrence’. Check the ‘enable notifications’ box and additional notification options will appear.


Step 3: Enter in the number of days prior to the set date you would like to send a notification. Note: This is in days, so if you would like to set a notification 2 months in advance, that will be approximately 60 days. Set multiple alerts by entering in multiple days.


Step 4: Enter the email addresses of those that will need to be notified of this date. Multiple email addresses can be entered, and this can go to any valid email address including group or distribution emails.


Step 5: Optional. Set a reminder note. The notified will receive a basic message that the date is coming up, but you can set a personal reminder if desired on the specific document. 


Step 6: Save the changes. You can now manage the notification alert on the document or within the notifications report, located under Reports > Notifications Report. The notification recipients will receive an email when the dates arrive.