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Risk & Compliance

The Legal and Financial Risks of Poor Contract Management

Although keeping contracts organized is highly important, many legal...

Risk & Compliance

6 Ways to Get Ahead of Contract Risk

There is always risk involved when entering into a business...

Risk & Compliance

4 Types of Breach of Contract You Need to Be Aware Of

Breach of contract: it’s a risk faced by anyone who enters a legal...

Risk & Compliance

Contract Management Software as a Risk Management Solution

Contract management software has the potential to transform legal...

Risk & Compliance

5 Contract Management KPIs to Minimize Organizational Risk

How is your legal team currently managing and mitigating business...

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Xeris Pharmaceuticals

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Risk & Compliance

3 Biggest Contract Management Challenges for Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing industry is one of the economy’s most complex and...

Risk & Compliance

3 Steps to Reduce Contract Risk Following an M&A Transaction

Before finalizing a merger or acquisition, contract reviews are a...

Risk & Compliance

3 Contract Negotiation Strategies to Reduce Contract Risk

One thing most people can agree on is that contract negotiation is...

Risk & Compliance

Understanding Contract Risks Before Completing an M&A Transaction

Conducting contract due diligence both before and after a merger or...

Risk & Compliance

New Ebook: The Contracts Checklist for M&A Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions are some of the most complicated business...

Risk & Compliance

Hospital Contract Management: 3 Ways to Ensure Compliance

While the ability to effectively manage contracts and keep up with...