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Case Study

Manufacturing companies must have a way to store, automatically track, and report on corporate contracts. LT Apparel Group uses ContractWorks to manage their growing contract portfolio. 


About LT Apparel Group

LT Apparel Group designs, sources, and markets apparel and accessories throughout the United States. They are an established organization with over 50 years in the industry, and currently use ContractWorks Contract Management Software as a central document repository to store, manage, and track their signed agreements.

Selling to over 2,300 unique accounts with 20,000+ doors, LT Apparel has a growing number of signed agreements that must be stored and tracked. They knew that using a combination of Excel and Outlook email reminders was no longer serving their organization, and decided to seek a user friendly SaaS-based contract management solution. 


  • LT Apparel Group had a growing number of signed contracts, and needed a way to track key milestones. 
  • They needed a contract management solution that would allow them to grant access to external parties for review of specific agreements.
  • When not physically in the office key stakeholders needed a way to securely access agreements and other important documentation. 

Company & contract growth

Outgrew piecemeal approach

Needed remote access

Wanted intuitive solution


With ContractWorks, LT Apparel Group has gained control over their documents. After adopting the easy-to-use software, the team used features like drag and drop to quickly upload their documents into the system, and begin tagging and tracking their signed contracts, resulting in:

  • No missed contract milestones
  • Peace of mind knowing contracts are secure
  • Ease of access to contracts from anywhere
  • Flexibility to grant external parties access 

Saw immediate results

Took control of contracts

No missed milestones

Peace of mind